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  • Carey Price’s NHL Debut

    Carey Price will begin his NHL Career with the Canadiens Wednesday night, October 10th 2007.

    Will it be a debut to a historic career with the Canadiens?

    It didn’t take long for Cristobal Huet to get yanked and Carey Price to be put in. 2 games. There has been lots of hype and press surrounding Price since he was drafted by the Habs and now he gets chance to prove himself. Perhaps earlier than most would have thought.

    Kyle Chipchura will also get his NHL start. Most likely replacing Mikhail Grabovski who still doesn’t look to be completely ready for the NHL.

  • Habs Crumble

    The Habs powerplay that won them their first game in Carolina didn’t get the job done in Toronto. A weak PP combined with mediocre goaltending let the Leafs climb back from a 3-1 deficit to win 4-3 in overtime.

    The Habs let the Leafs back in the game and did not convert on a powerplay with less than 2 minutes remaining in the third. They also couldn’t convert on a 4-3 powerplay in overtime. You can’t burn that many chances like and still expect to win.

    Vesa Toskala was a much better goaltender than Cristobal Huet. Huet struggled for most of the game, seemingly always out of position. Huet also gave up the puck with an awkward clearing attempt that resulted in the tying goal.

    Will Carey Price get his first NHL start – or is it still too early yank Huet?

    All things considered, 3 out of 4 road points to start the year is not a bad way to begin the season.