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  • Sabres Round 2

    Did the Canadiens get screwed on a bad penalty call late in the third last night?


    The Habs however did not compete for most of the game, again, and really had no business being involved in the game.

    One bad call could, and did, basically end their chance at getting a point. They need to be much better to avoid that situation as they are now in danger of dropping 4 points to a Sabres team that is playing well and ready to climb back into the Division.

  • Buffalo’s Back

    After struggling at the beginning of the year the Buffalo Sabres are slowly starting to look like the Sabres of old. Well maybe not quite the Sabres of old, but a team with talent, a team capable of winning and a team that causes pain for the Canadiens.

    The Sabres defeated Montreal a week ago and also put the league best Senators down 3-0 in the first period on their way to a 4-2 victory.

    They are dangerous right now, and they just happen to be playing a back to back series against Montreal.

    Two Divisional “4 point” games, a possible 8 point swing in the standings.

    Should the Sabres find a way to beat the Canadiens twice that could slowly start them creeping back into the Division.

    The Canadiens on the other hand, have a real chance to put them deep in the cellar while gaining on the Senators who have dropped 3 out of the last 4 games.

    Carey Price gets the start tonight in Buffalo.