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  • Loooooong Island

    For reasons unknown, the Canadiens don’t play well in Long Island, New Jersey and not that great in New York either.

    The Habs will meet the Islanders tonight and the Devils on the road next week. Sandwiched in between that is a home and home against the pesky Sabres and another game with the Leafs.

    The same issues persist, no production from the top line. What is the answer? And how long can we wait before we see that line broken up?

    Cristobal Huet gets his second straight start leading up to the home and home with Buffalo where there will most definitely be an appearance by Carey Price.

  • Northeastern Clash

    A little over a week has passed since the Canadiens played the Senators last. A game which they controlled for the majority and nearly came away with a road victory before a couple small errors cost them bad and left them with out a point.

    It was a good game to see where the Canadiens stand against the league’s elite.

    Since then the Canadiens have found a way to beat Toronto in Toronto, beat Boston (again) heavily. But in between those two games they came up with a pathetic effort against Buffalo.

    So which team shows up against Ottawa? Ottawa is first in the Division, Conference and entire NHL. The circumstances are similar to the last game with Ottawa coming off a rare loss, and an even rarer shutout.

    The bar is set once again. An effort like they put forth in Ottawa and it should be a great game, an effort like in Buffalo and the Canadiens may get a rude awakening.