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  • Blah

    The Canadiens were thoroughly outplayed by Buffalo in a game they perhaps took too lightly.

    The Sabres who have struggled all year were on the verge of breaking out for the last few games. A couple early goals against Cristobal Huet was all they needed and for short periods they started looking like the Sabres of old.

    The Canadiens likewise started looking like the Canadiens of old.

    Stone-faced Lindy Ruff was cracking smiles and jokes on the bench and the Sabres looked like a huge weight was lifted off their shoulders.

    Giving the Sabres life maybe a dangerous way to start a 3 game November series with them.

    The Canadiens were unorganized and unwilling to compete. It made for the most unwatchable game of the season.

    The one positive is Michael Ryder finally broke his slump and all we can hope is he gets back to shooting the puck instead of trying to be better than he is and make the extra move.

    Lines were juggled to many times to keep track off and it will be interesting to see what the lineup is tonight.

    Michael Ryder’s struggles have rubbed off on Chris Higgins who has been unnoticeable in recent games, except for being on the ice for goals against.

    Kostopolous was moved up to give the line some grit, for someone to crash the net and make room for Higgins and Koivu to carry the puck. Will he still get the ice time tonight or over the next few games? Or be put back on his usual line?

    If Kostopolous is not the right man to do that, who is?

    The only thing clear is the #1 line is not effective right now.

    The Habs have owned Boston this year and they will need a big two Divisional points tonight before another dance with the Senators on Monday.

  • What happened to me?

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