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  • On the Road Again

    One of the positives The Habs have this year is they are one of the better teams on the road. For whatever reason, leaving the pressure cooker in Montreal and playing on the road brings out the best of them.

    Tonight they play the first of six games on the road and hope to continue that trend.

    First up the last place Capitals, and not a particularly friendly city to play in for the Habs. In addition, the Capitals have put together good efforts in recent games.

    One glance at the crowded Eastern Conference shows that every single game is important and there is no such thing as write-offs or sure things. Especially for this team.

  • Price Taking Over?

    So at the beginning of the season many people said “Carey Price will be the #1 Goalie by Christmas.”

    Well here we are a week from Christmas and Carey Price is about to start his 7th straight game.

    Granted, Cristobal Huet was out with a groin injury but he has been deemed fit to play and Carbonneau elects still to start Carey Price tonight.

    Price’s record in those games is nothing miraculous but he did manage to string together two consecutive wins in the last two games.

    Is Carbonneau just going with the hot hand or does the Carey Price stock rise enough to nudge Cristobal Huet further over to the side?

    A lot depends on the game tonight. Another strong performance by Price and Carbonneau has some tough decisions to make.