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  • December Hockey

    It’s December. It’s freezing out. There’s a giant storm on the way, and the Toronto Maple Leafs are in Montreal on a Saturday night.

    That could be the textbook definition of Hockey Night in Canada.

    What’s probable is the city of Toronto will go into a panic and maybe call in the Army again to deal with their snow dusting.

    What’s still unkwown is whether the Army will be needed to come rescue the Toronto hockey team from the Montreal strip bars they’ll be living at when they can’t fly home after tonight.

  • Habs in Philly

    The Canadiens left the pressure cooker that is Montreal right now and hit the road to play the Flyers in Philly.

    Dropping 6 in a row at home this should have the Habs breathing a little easier.

    Michael Ryder sits again and Sergei Kostitsyn starts his first career NHL game. Hopefully he can provide a spark to an offense that is lacking in just about every department. Pretty lofty expectations for a first ever NHL game. He will play along side Koivu and Higgins and
    perhaps enthuse Saku who is paying with little or no interest at all.

    If the Habs lose again I heard Bob Gainey is calling up Raphael.

    raphael habs best prospect