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  • Message Sent

    Guy Carbonneau is trying to do something with the options he has available.

    Michal Ryder, scratched, finally. Will it make a difference?

    Maxim Lapierre and Ryan O’Byrne have been called up and will start tonight. Hopefully their eagerness to play will bring some energy to a team lacking in many departments.

    Good news is tonight they play Boston, a team which they’ve dominated recently. The Bad news Boston’s continually improving and have 1 more point then the Habs with one game less played.

    The log jam in the Eastern Conference is starting to form, with 8 teams all within 4 points of each other. All teams excluding maybe Washington are still very close to 8th.

  • Slump

    We all knew the Canadiens would eventually hit a slump, and they have.

    The Habs have dropped 4 out of 5 and looked pretty awful at times over that stretch.

    Will it get worse before it gets better?

    Flashback to last year, the Canadiens had a strong start followed by a late December collapse. Lost all confidence and played mediocre hockey until the very last game. A loss that left them out of the playoffs.

    All things considered, the Coach and staff and players should all be more experienced this year. Now is the time to step it up and do something to not repeat the past.

    Are the Canadiens as a whole ever going to improve? Or fall back to their normal rummaging for points at the end of the season ways?

    Confidence is low, the #1 goalie is injured and it won’t get easier as the Canadiens face the league leading Red Wings tonight.