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  • Rematch

    Can the Canadiens keep Ovechkin off the score sheet for another 60 minutes?

  • Above Expectations

    The Canadiens have 60 points.

    The Habs have the 5th highest point total in the league having played equal or less games than all the teams ahead of them. Only Ottawa has more points in the East.

    The Canadiens have their highest point total at this point of the season in 15 years.

    2008 – 15 = 1993

    1993 = Stanley Cup.

    That may be a a bit of far stretch, or it may turn out not to be. But what’s real is the Canadiens have played above expectations thus far and are in a great position with almost 2/3’s of the season done.

    What’s also real is if the Canadiens don’t play well for the last 1/3 the season, that good start could be wiped clean and end in another bitter disappointment.

    Will the Habs be strong to the end of the year or end up in their usual playoff cellar dog fight?