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  • Kovalev’s Team

    Excuse the commercial for Warrior, but this is a pretty impressive video.

    Makes you wonder why Kovalev doesn’t score 50+ a year? Then you realize Hockey is a team sport and individual skill can only take you so far. Impressive nonetheless.

    Kovalev and his 21 goals and 44 points lead the Canadiens in both categories. Not to mention the +10 he’s posted. Leading by example you might say.

    Goal scoring is what they’ll need against Martin Brodeur and the Devils tonight. In particular, the first goal.

    The Canadiens have not won in NJ in nearly 6 years and only twice in over 14 years! Almost unbelievable.

    Coming off an impressive 8 goal outburst, the Canadiens can’t be any more confident to break the curse than they are right now.

  • Bring on Boston

    The Canadiens welcome a team tonight they’ve beat 5 straight times this year. A team they’ve pretty much owned overall for the past few seasons.

    Good news, right?

    Well they happen to play on home ice tonight, where the Canadiens can’t seem to put together any kind of winning streak. The Habs have the fewest home wins in the entire NHL.

    Despite beating the Bruins every game this year, they are only 3 points ahead of Boston. The Divisional ‘4 point game’ cliche applies very much to tonight’s game.