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  • Back on Track

    The Canadiens strong road play was bound to end at some point. And it did, badly, Saturday night against the Rangers.

    Perhaps their worst game of the year.

    One of the Canadiens better games of the year was the last time they played in Long Island. They controlled the game early and often en route to a 4-1 win.

    The Habs hope to do the same tonight an get back on track with another win in Long Island.

    Patrice Brisebois who sucked up the most time on those non-converting 5-3 powerplays on Saturday, will be out of the lineup with a ‘sore ankle’. Hopefully for Candiens fans Brisebois will be out of the line up for good, instead of another return to the team to provide nothing except the theft of ice time from younger and/or better players.

  • Slumping Rangers

    Two weeks ago the Canadiens went into MSG and played a strong game against the Rangers, only to lose the extra point on a give away in overtime.

    Since then, the Rangers have lost 5 straight games. Their goaltending is shaky and their confidence rattled. They have quickly fallen to last place in the Atlantic Division and currently sit out of the playoff picture.


    Not the position many people predicted for the fully loaded team.

    The Habs look to continue their 7 game point streak with another strong road effort at MSG.