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  • Bruin Crushers

    The Canadiens play the Bruins tonight where they look for their 8th consecutive victory against them.

    Much like New Jersey “has our number”, the Canadiens just seem to have the Bruins. Since blowing a 3-1 playoff series lead against the Canadiens the Bruins have never been able to out play the Canadiens.

    That being said, the Bruins are just 4 points behind Montreal and not to be taken lightly. A Habs win tonight will tie the Senators (and possibly Flyers) for most road wins in the Eastern Conference.

  • Chi Town

    The Chicago Blackhawks make a rare visit tonight to Montreal where the Canadiens hope to start improving their record at home.

    The injury riddled Blackhawks are without several players, most notably Jonathan Toews. It shows as they have lost 5 straight. On paper this should be an easy home win for the Habs to put in the bank.

    Carey Price is apparently sick and Jaroslav Halak will warm the bench tonight.

    Andrei Markov has finally been given some recognition and been nominated to the All-Star team. Much deserved.

    On the other side of the spectrum, someone who has been missing for most of the recent Canadiens success makes a return tonight. For reasons unknown.

    Return to glory.