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  • Afternoon Delight

    The Canadiens play a rare 12:30 PM afternoon game today against the Capitals.

    Hopefully the afternoon start won’t affect the rhythm the Canadiens have at the moment. With a 7 game point streak and enjoying consistent scoring, the Habs are creeping under the radar and putting points in the bank.

    In addition, Team Canada plays for it’s 4th consecutive Gold Medal at the World Junior Championships.

  • Habs in ’08

    The Habs play their first game of 2008 tonight in Montreal against the Lightning.

    The Holiday stretch of games is over, a time where in recent years has been a negative turning point for the Habs.

    Usually the Holiday stretch is the time where the good start of the Canadiens season ends abruptly. Followed by the slow descent into mediocre hockey and the struggling to just make, or barely miss the playoffs begins.

    Not this time around. The Habs have put together a very good road record at the right time and start the new year with the 3rd best point total in the entire Eastern Conference.

    However, the Conference is so tight they’ll need to continue their pace until the very last game. Or risk sinking fast like the Lightning.

    The Tampa Bay Lightning are dead last in the East. Dead last.

    A team that boasts NHL Points Leader Vinny Lecavalier, Martin St-Louis and Brad Richards has played one more game and scored one less goal then our offensively challenged Canadiens. They’ve also allowed 25 more.

    Is it fair to say a franchise goaltender is worth more then a franchise scorer?

    Would you still be willing to trade away Carey Price and friends for Vinny Lecavalier?

    Maybe Bob Gainey ‘sitting on his hands’ and not giving 90% of the money to 3 guys is a good thing?

    Only time will tell.