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  • Eastern Mess

    What is going on in the Eastern Conference?

    Philly fell apart. Ottawa is crumbling, and the Bruins are coming out of nowhere.

    How long will Ottawa struggle for before getting back in the groove? They are too good of a team to bomb the rest of the year. Or are they?

    Are the Bruins a good enough team to keep surging to the top of the Northeast?

    Which team in 9th-12th spot now is going to sneak into 8th?

    I don’t recall this many teams being this close at this point. There will be several teams missing the playoffs by 1-4 points. An overtime point, a shoot out win, or one minor error will be the difference for someone.

    The Habs are in the middle somewhere. A 1st place Division or Conference finish isn’t out of the cards. Neither is a 10th place finish.

    No room for error.

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