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  • Striking Distance

    There is a reasonable chance that by this time tomorrow the Canadiens are 1st overall in the Eastern Conference.

    Just writing that feels a little strange.

    Depending what happens between Ottawa and Florida tonight combined with a Canadiens victory over Toronto, the Habs could tie or pass the Senators for 1st overall.

    On paper the Canadiens should destroy the bottom dwelling joke of the Eastern Conference who were embarrassed by the Panthers to the tune of 8-0 two nights ago.

    However, Leafs and Habs games never go down as they appear on paper.

    Carey Price gets his first start in goal since returning, the first major difference. How he’ll play is anyone’s guess, but his 3-0 record against the Leafs this season should at least have him in the right frame of mind.

    Anything but a decisive victory tonight would be a major disappointment and you’d expect everyone on the team is fully aware of the situation.

    All of this leads up to another showdown between Montreal and Ottawa on Saturday where things could really start to get heated.

  • Win

    If the Canadiens want to be seriously considered in the same class as Ottawa, and challenge for the Division and Conference, all they have to do is beat them.

    Prove it on the ice. Show Ottawa you are for real and you’re coming for them.

    If the Canadiens are not fired up for this game then they don’t deserve to be where they are.

    The Habs have two meetings with the Senators in five days and things could get very interesting.