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  • Race for First

    The Habs have temporarily lost their 1st place seed in the Eastern Conference. With a game in hand, they have a chance to retake it tonight.

    The only thing we know is the Conference title will probably come down to the last day of the regular season which has the Devils, Penguins and Rangers all in action. The Habs having finished the day before.

    The Northeast however, could be clinched earlier. And with it, a guaranteed #2 seed and home ice advantage throughout the playoffs.

    The Habs still hold a 4 point lead and game in hand against the Senators. Two weekend wins against two non playoff teams would make for cushy lead before playing the final game against the Senators on Tuesday.

  • Canadiens Clinch!

    The Canadiens have clinched a spot in the playoffs! The earliest they have clinched in many many years, and currently the ONLY team assured a spot.

    canadiens clinch playoffs

    Will the 3rd period mini collapse hurt or help the team?

    With no games until Friday the Habs can rest comfortably. Having assured their spot before the 4 day lay off was a big accomplishment.

    The Habs have 5 games left and can control their own destiny. They are in an excellent position to go on and win the Division and Eastern Conference titles.