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  • 10 Games Remain

    The Canadiens have just 10 regular season games left, tonight and Tuesday’s the only games against non-divisional opponents.

    Yes, the last 8 games of the year are ALL against Northeast teams, all whom still believe they are in the playoff hunt. And with so many Divisional games remaining, anything can happen.

    Needless to say, the Habs need to secure no less than 4 points against the non contending Islanders and Blues or they risk making the final 8 games even harder on themselves.

  • Divisional Supremacy

    The Canadiens made a statement this year by beating the New Jersey Devils 3 out of 4 times and taking the season series.

    If they hope to win their Division and potentially the Conference, they’ll have to do the same and start beating the Senators.

    The Canadiens have not had any recent success beating Ottawa. The Habs and Sens will meet 3 times before season’s end. With so few games remaining an the standings so tight, these games will most definitely decide the Division.

    The “achievable point” gap between teams could swing as much as 12 points if one team wins the remaining 3 games in regulation.