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  • Habs / Bruins: Game 4

    So that ridiculous winning streak has finally ended at 13 games. The Bruins were due and they finally got a victory against the Canadiens at the most important time.

    The Habs lost on the ROAD, by one goal, in overtime, with an extra attacker on the ice. In a back to back 24 hour game in which the Canadiens rarely play well in.

    The Canadiens had quality scoring chances in overtime prior to the Bruins winner. Tim Thomas finally did what he did to other teams all season against the Canadiens.

    Was it really such a terrible loss? Were the Canadiens supposed to beat the Bruins every game for the rest of time?

    The Canadiens still hold a 2-1 series lead. Panic time? Not yet.

    The Bruins got their first lead (all year) and got to play their style of game. Most impressive is they have managed to almost completely neutralize the Canadiens powerplay which has been the difference for the Canadiens this season.

    Claude Julien and the Bruins made adjustments. Now it’s the Canadiens turn to adjust and come out with another win, or risk starting all over knotted at 2 games a piece.

  • Something smells sweet….

    Senators Choke

    Early schmerly. The 2007-08 Senators are starting to make people ignore calendars and bare fingers and talk about the 1976-77 Canadiens. No lie.
    Coach John Paddock did it a couple of weeks ago — connecting his team to the edition of the Habs that compiled a 60-8-12 regular-season record then went 12-2 in the playoffs to win the Cup.

    Early schmerly is right, as in early exit for Paddock, and early exit for the Senators.