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  • Habs / Bruins: Game 3

    The Habs can take a stranglehold on the series with a win tonight in Boston.

  • Habs / Bruins: Game 2

    Game 1 of the series went pretty much according to the script.

    Tim Thomas was beaten early and easily and the Bruins still can’t score goals.

    Perhaps the only surprises were the Canadiens being the far more physical of the two teams and maybe some unexpected goal scoring from Tom Kostopolous and Bryan Smolinski.

    What changes will Claude Julien make to avoid Boston’s 13th consecutive loss against the Canadiens?

    What can he do?

    The Bruins have yet to even have a one goal lead this season against Montreal. Short of a Tim Thomas miracle, there’s no reason to believe game 2 won’t unfold the same way as the previous 12.