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  • Two Games Remain

    The Habs will finish no worse than 2nd in the Eastern Conference.

    How important is it to reach 1st in the Conference?

    Do you rest your men, knowing that the real battle begins April 9th?

    Or, do you go all out to win the regular season Conference title? Guaranteed home ice being the only real spoils it comes with, other than meaningless bragging rights.

    The Sabres will be ready to play, their playoff hopes depending on it. The Habs, coast through or go after the crown?

  • Division on the Line

    The Canadiens are injured and depleted. The Senators, in the midst of a serious breakdown at the worst possible time.

    Who will come out on top?

    The Canadiens aren’t healthy, but do they have enough to walk into Ottawa and win the Northeast Division in front of the once mighty Senators?

    In their own building, in front of the panicking SENS ARMY.

    Senators Suck

    Nothing would be sweeter.

    The Canadiens don’t play well in Ottawa, haven’t in a long time. The Senators aren’t the same team however.

    A win tonight will not only clinch the Division, but send a big message and put Ottawa in a very dangerous spot, teetering on the edge of even reaching the post season.

    A no show by the Habs, and it’s very far from over.