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  • Canadiens 07/08

    Final thoughts on the Canadiens 2007/2008 Season and playoff run….

  • Habs / Flyers: Game 5

    The Philadelphia Flyers can eliminate the 1st seed Montreal Canadiens from the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight with a win in Montreal.

    The Canadiens problems in this series have been well chronicled and they have the large task of winning the next 3 games in order to advance.

    Is it such a huge task? The Capitals sent their series with Philly to 7 after being down 3-1. The Bruins sent the series with the Habs to 7 after being down 3-1. The Habs have recently won a series against the Bruins in 2004 from the same 3-1 hole.

    The Canadiens have won 3 straight games 6 times this year.

    Is it that impossible?

    Don’t think for a second the Flyers are not well aware of this.

    You can pull up all the stats and superstitious games and series of the past to convince yourself the Canadiens can and will comeback. But the players are the ones who will decide it on the ice.

    Who wants it more?

    Carey Price will start. Despite his struggles in this series.

    This is the right choice.

    Carey Price had his share of ugly moments in the Habs & Bruins series. When it all came down to game 7 and big pressure, Price played terrific and earned a 5-0 shutout victory.

    Price is a pressure goaltender.

    Should the unthinkable happen, and the Flyers eliminate the Canadiens in 5 games. Carey Price needs to be in the net experiencing what that is like. No one else. Price is the goaltender of the future and he will be getting a huge dose of experience tonight, win or lose.

    The Canadiens have gone down 2-0 in all 4 games of the series. The slightest thing like scoring first could be what propels them to 3 straight wins.

    One goal at a time, one game at a time.