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  • Duck Hunt

    The Habs will finally resume action tonight against Anaheim after a long layoff which has felt like months.

    The Habs in the peak of a 5 game win streak have not played since Monday. Will the break help or hurt the Canadiens?

    After a brutal start the Ducks have put together a couple wins. Is Anaheim the team that will present the Canadiens their first real challenge?

    Chris Higgins starts his first game of the year, and Jaro Halak will guard the net once again.

  • Can the Panthers stop the Habs?

    What can you say about the Habs? They have been nearly flawless in their first 5 games of the year, pocketing all but a single point in the season opener.

    The guys who are supposed to produce are producing, the goalies are stopping the puck. Any doubts about newcomers have quickly been put to rest up to this point.

    Alex Tanguay has started on fire, averaging more than a point a game. Not to mention providing an important shoot out winner. Georges Laraques has certainly more than answered the bell whenever necessary. In only 2 starts he has overhauled the whole perception of the Habs.

    The injury to Andrei Kostitsyn is the only real concern at this point. He will join Chris Higgins on the sidelines for the time being. The Canadiens are deeper than ever, and the impact should be little if any.

    Will the 2-2 Panthers be the first team to really test the Canadiens? If not, who will? A long break follows tonight’s game until Saturday against the visiting Ducks, dead last in the league at this point.

    Are the Habs benefiting from an easy starting schedule? Or are they just that tough to play against?