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  • Coyotes

    Coyotes defense allowed six goals to Ottawa yesterday.

    The Habs are averaging 4 a game, how many will they manage tonight?

  • 2008 Habs Home Opener

    There can be few, if any complaints about the Canadiens start to the season. After a successful road trip the Habs return home to face the overly familiar Bruins.

    The Habs met the Bruins 15 times last year. A perfect record in regular season play but a much harder time in the playoffs, eventually winning in 7 games.

    Will the Bruins return with the same intensity and game plan the Flyers had on Monday night? And if they do, will they still fall victim to the speed and puck movement of the Habs like the Flyers did?

    Georges Laraque will be inserted in the lineup to keep the peace. You have to believe he will drop the gloves tonight if there’s any shred of opportunity, if not to just to satisfy the home town mob.