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  • Habs 100th Season Begins

    Another historic night for the Canadiens, the 100th season in their history begins tonight in Buffalo.

    So with the pressure and expectations what they are, how will the Canadiens come out of the gate?

    How long before the first “Fire Carbonneau!” and “What have you done Gainey” banter ensues? Or will it come at all this year?

    Carbonneau will start Carey Price tonight, and Jaroslav Halak tomorrow in Toronto. I like that idea. Break them in slowly, both see game time, and the pressure/blame is distributed should the Canadiens do the unthinkable and start 0-3 or even worse.

    Cheers to a good 08/09 season!

  • 2008/2009 Eastern Conference Predictions

    The 2008/09 NHL season is right around the corner. How do you see the Eastern Conference shaping up?

    The difference a year makes…. This time last year the Canadiens were given slim chance at even making the playoffs, the idea of them winning the Conference was laughable.

    There’s no reason to think the same surprises can’t and will not happen this year. There always are.

    Which team will make the ‘hockey experts’ look as bad as the Canadiens did last year?

    As for this Canadiens team, on paper they look to be the complete package. The ‘hockey experts’ new unanimous choice. It’s hard to argue that choice, but on paper has to translate to on the ice.

    Is there any strong reason to think the Canadiens won’t win their Division and won’t compete for the Conference?

    For Habs fans, the dream of a #1 finish for the Canadiens and a #15 finish for the Maple Leafs has never been as realistic as right now. And on that note….

    2008-2009 Eastern Conference Predictions

    y Montreal
    x Tampa Bay
    x New Jersey


    NY Rangers
    NY Islanders


    1. Montreal
    2. Boston
    3. Ottawa
    4. Buffalo
    5. Toronto


    1. NJ Devils
    2. Pittsburgh
    3. Philadelphia
    4. NY Rangers
    5. NY Islanders


    1. Tampa Bay
    2. Carolina
    3. Washington
    4. Florida
    5. Atlanta