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  • Layoff

    The Canadiens have only played 10 games thus far. The lowest amount of games played in the league.

    Can anyone understand why in less than a month, the Habs have had two very long spans of no activity?

    Does this hurt or help the team right now? Are the Habs going to be overwhelmed with games at some later point in the season?

    Is it tough to stay sharp or focused when you are not playing? The team comes from obscurity again tonight and will face the Blue Jackets and then the Maple Leafs 24 hours later.

    The Habs only regulation loss was to the Ducks after the first layoff, a game where they definitely started slow.

  • Bottom Feeders

    The New York Islanders are dead last.

    An easy walk in the park for the Canadiens? Or do they take them too lightly and have a hard time against a struggling team?