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  • Game 46: Habs/Devils

    Habs look to rebound after an ugly effort against the Thrashers last night.

    Saku Koivu returns to the lineup and Carey Price gets his first full start.

  • Game 45 : Habs/Thrashers

    A little more then halfway through the season and despite numerous lengthy injuries, the Canadiens hold the 3rd most points in the East.

    Perhaps the 2nd best record, considering the Capitals games played total 3 more.

    All things considered, not a bad place to be.

    The Canadiens are lurking around 4th in the Conference, quietly, not on top drawing attention and creating expectations like last season’s 1st place surprise. Not being gunned for each and every game, not having their video tapes analyzed and re-analyzed like the #1 powerplay in the league does.

    Are the Habs more dangerous this year?

    Are the Bruins deflecting all the attention and praise and heightened expectations while the Habs quietly coast through, with half their team on the sidelines?

    Gunning for #1 every night took it’s toll on the Habs come round 2 of the playoffs, what shape will the Habs be as they approach the final stretch?

    And the Bruins? How much do they have in the tank?