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  • Game 76: Blackhawks/Habs

    The return of Cristobal Huet and a rare visit from the Blackhawks at a crucial point in the season.

    The Habs are on a very slippery slope. It’s safe to say the Canadiens need to play above .500 to stay in 8th or better. A loss tonight wouldn’t give any team in the Eastern race the added points but with every other team in the race winning, the Habs need every point they can get.

  • Game 75: Sabres/Habs

    Can the Habs string together 3 wins in a row?

    The Sabres will be hungry as ever tonight. Anything less than 2 points for them will pretty much be the end of their slim playoff chances.

    The Habs can move up into 7th with the Rangers and still hold a game in hand.