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  • Game 24: Habs/Jackets

    And so begins the post-Latendresse era in Montreal. Lets just hope he doesn’t go all John Leclaire on us now.

    We now usher in the new Pouliot era in Habs-land. Don’t get too excited about his 1st round draft status in his draft year. The term ‘you get what you pay for’ could certainly be extended to this case. Still, Pouliot does differ from Latendresse in 2 key areas: 1. He can skate 2. He has spent time in the AHL learning how to play defense in a Lemaire system which should potentially fit Montreal’s needs under current bench-boss Jaques Martin. He’s currently¬†hurt, so we’ll have to wait for his big premier. Q. Is his birthplace of Alfred, Ontario a controversy? Stay tuned. Lucky for him he speaks francais… note heavy sarcasm there.

    Tonight we see the Colombus Blue Jackets who got lit up 7-4 last night. Conventional wisdome would say we’re in for a barn burner.. but c’mon. Do you have any expectations left Habs fans?

  • Game 23: Habs/Wings

    Thats what I get for missing a game. Montreal upsets a cup contender on the road in an amazingly exciting game. The Habs get 2 points… maybe I wont watch tonight either. Well thats not going to happen. The Habs welcome the Red Wings tonight. Here’s hoping that Travis Moen and Scott Gomez are ok after sustaining injuries in last night’s tilt. Here’s also hoping that the Habs can avoid the let down that sometimes accompanies exhausting back-to-back games. Carey will have to be fantastic again tonight.

    Go Habs Go!!!!!