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  • Game 55: Habs/Lightning

    The Habs will get no time to brood over their frustrating loss in Sunrise last night, as they face the other Florida franchise in Tampa this evening.  Taking care of business tonight is essential. The Habs would do well to start early and play like a team that is desperately clinging to a hope of the post season. That sentiment should start at the top. I understand that JM has been playing with a short stack this season due to many injuries, but his Carbo-esque attempts at using grinders in skill spots and vice versa needs to end. I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a suggestion that goals will be necessary for a win, and using this logic JM should attempt to give his skilled players the best possible opportunity to succeed.  Please stop using Travis Moen (who is a fantastic player) on a top line. Please go with what has worked fantastically in the past. Go into this game to win it, and let Tampa attempt to match up to us. Put your best offensive players together and get out of their way! Mysuggestion:





  • Game 54: Habs/Panthers

    The Habs play the Florida Panthers in what has become a broken record cliche – another incredibly important inter-conference matchup. With half of the conference locked within 3 points and the NHL season set up the way it is, the odds of playing a direct competitor for a playoff spot is about 1 in 1. The Panthers are without leading scorer Nathan Horton which is a tough break for a team that generally struggles to score goals. The Habs will be hoping for a lift from new call up Ben Maxwell, although where he will play remains somewhat unclear given the return of Sergei.

    I want to pose another question to the group. Sheldon Souray has reportedly given his GM a list of teams that he would consider a trade to. Clearly whether or not Montreal is on that list would be an important factor in determining whether or not the Habs could land Sheldon. That fact aside, would you trade for a guy who has all kinds of physical presence and a blast of a shot from the point? What would you give up?