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  • Game 53: Habs/Rangers

    A pretty solid game last night against the 2nd place Devils has left many in the Habs universe scratching their heads. Who is this team? Are we the blowout suffering push-overs from last week, or are they a team that can play responsible team defense and use speed to create prolongued offensive pressure? Maybe both? I guess that is life when you’re 2 points out of 6th place, as well as 2 points out of 12th.

    Pride should be a motivator tonight given how terribly the Canadiens played the last game against the Rangers. If they can pressure the Rangers defense and try to force turnovers the way they did against the Devils we may see them re-coup the two points they gave away.

    O’B is in the lineup tonight. Sergei is a game time descision. I imagine Jaro will see action again tonight.

    Go Habs Go!!!!

  • Game 52: Habs/Devils

    It might be a good idea to lower your expectations for tonight. I dont remember a game against the Canadiens in Martin Brodeur’s career where he didn’t play well. Montreal had a good thrid period against the Blues, lets see if they can impliment that work ethic, and philosophical approach to tonight’s game (aka we are sooo much more efficient when we attack tthe opponent in their zone rather than try to softly defend our own).

    Go Habs Go!!