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  • Game 47: Habs/Devils

    Get ready for some fantastic neutral zone plugging! Heres hoping for an early Habs lead, and more of the same effort we saw against the Panthers.

  • Game 46: Habs/Panthers

    The Habs face the Panthers tonight. The question as always is: who starts? My guess is Jaro. One day when I have time I want to find out in how many of Carey Price’s starts have the Canadiens scored 1 or less goals? He seems to be disproportionately unlucky in that regard. Neither Sergei or Andrei will be in the lineup. Sergei reportedly skated breifly at Brossard yesterday. Ryan O’Byrne continues to be away from the team for family reasons.

    Go Habs Go!!!

    edit* Unsuprisingly, Jaro has been named the starter for tonight’s game.