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  • Game 45: Habs/Caps

    Before I get to tonight’s game I just wanted to say a quick word about the World Junior Tournament and the finals between Canada and the US. First off, I am a huge fan of this tourney, not only because I’m a huge fan of junior hockey, but because it is a fantastic opportunity to see some of the players from around the world that could be landing on NHL teams in the near future. I think we can all agree as Habs fans that it was amazing to watch PK Subban emerge last year at the WJC. For that same reason I am very pleased with the play of Dany Kristo (USA) who is tied for the team lead in goals (5),  is a + 5,  and leads the team with 29 shots on net in 7 games. Even though I’ll be cheering for Canada in tonight’s final, I’ll be hoping for a strong showing from Kristo.

    Secondarily I wanted to say how impressed I am by the Americans in this tournament. They played a VERY NHL game against the Canadians on NYE, and have shown how hard USA hockey has worked on player development, and preparing these players for the bright lights of the world stage. I don’t know if they’ll win tonight, but Canada had better take notice that in years and tournaments to come USA is going to be a LOT more competitive.

    What better opponent then for the Canadiens tonight than the Washington Capitals? I am going to make a bold prediction and state that there will be more than 1 goal scored in tonights tilt for those fans who complained about the snoozefest that were the final two periods of the Sabres game. Montreal had better find a way to generate a better offensive pressure or Washington will eat them alive. We’re in 8th spot, but with more games played than anyone else, we’ll need to eak out wins for a while if we’re to stay there.

    Go Habs Go!!!

  • Game 44: Habs/Sabres

    Early game today. It’ll be interesting to see how the team comes out today against a very good Sabres team. If the two scoring lines are going strong then we are a tough team to beat. Both Kostitsyns are game time decisions, and Mara is still recovering.

    Go Habs Go!