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  • Game 6: Habs/Caps

    Well, there has been a sizable crowd of Canadiens fans who have been calling for our #1 prospect to be added to the lineup now that the playoffs had reached a critical point. Habs management was adamant that Subban should remain in Hamilton for the AHL playoffs where he leads the Bulldogs in post-season scoring with 9 points in 6 games. It seems however, the persistent illness that Jaroslav Spacek is suffering has forced their hand as PK Subban has been recalled for Game 6. Speculation at this point is that either Bergeron will be removed from the lineup, or he will be placed onto a forward line in the place of Sergei Kostitsyn or Mat Darche. My gut tells me Sergei and Darche will sit in favor of MAB, although my opinion on this matter has been made clear this season. I respect the work that MAB has put in since he was signed at the beginning of the year, but his skills (in my opinion) are directly upgraded by Subban’s presence. As a forward MAB is often completely ineffective, and is usually kept off of the ice until the powerplay. I’m holding onto the hope that Martin will see that having Subban (who was like +300 this year) means he can dress 6 actual defensemen, and 12 actual forwards for the most important game of the year.

    Can you think of a more appropriate development to add to the energy of this critical game than the call-up of Montreal’s media darling, superstar prospect? I for one cannot wait to hear the roar of the Montreal crowd when PK takes the ice. I hope that he enjoys it, because its the type of reception that EVERY NHL player dreams about. Talk about pressure for a young guy. Good thing he seems to thrive on it!

    GO HABS GO!!!

  • Game 5: Habs/Caps

    My feeling going into this game 5 of a playoff series which has been very good at points is that its hard for me to be too angry at being down 3-1. Not that I’ve become a gracious loser at some point over the past week. Every loss still stings as bad as the last. But the fact that I never expected the Habs to compete in this series, and that my expectations were for an early exit for our team have numbed the emotion that would normally surface with the impending elimination of my favorite team. Though we all have our opinions about the potential of particular players or the direction this club should take to regain its former glory, none of us expected Montreal to upend the Capitals who have shown us that the flashes of brilliance that we’ve shown during this series are not yet enough to make us a contender in this league. Most pundits argued that it would be difficult for Montreal to win 1 game in this series let alone 4. A few argued that anything is possible come playoff time. In the end its hard to say which camp was right. This series has been closer than most would have predicted – although if you simply look at the 4 game tally you wouldn’t believe it. I expect that Montreal will once again come out flying trying to extend the season for at least one more game. Its difficult to predict the outcome will be any different however. Washington is a fantastic team and has shown all season long that they have an ability to score at near-will when the situation beckons for it.

    The only thing I can add to maybe the final game blog of the 09-10 season is that when thinking about what I wanted to happen tonight as I was getting ready for work this morning I decided that even though I do not expect to win,  I still hold out a hope that Montreal can find a way to be victorious tonight. I don’t hold any delusion that over-night our problems have been solved. But I’ve been a fan of this team since I was old enough to notice, and I like the rest of you have seen my share of ups and downs.  My favorite player growing up was Mats Naslund, the small, skilled Swede who is the last Canadiens player to have recorded 100 points in a season (110) and was one of the catalysts to the first Canadiens Cup win in my lifetime. Tonight I’m hoping that some little bugger goes out there and shows me something similar. Gorges wears 26, maybe he’ll be the unlikely hero? Its been a crazy season, and tonight might be curtains.  This team has been full of surprises. Tune in just after 7 to find out if they have any left.

    Go Habs Go!!!