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  • Game 4: Habs/Caps

    A short post today because the scenario is very simple. Win and there is new life in the series. Lose and start packing your bags because there isn’t a person who watches hockey who would lay down dollars that the Canadiens can come back from 3-1 in this series.

    Puck drops just after 7. Price will have to be huge, and for god sakes keep the pressure and forecheck going.

    Go Habs Go!!!!

  • Game 3: Habs/Caps

    Any one of us would be pleased as punch a week ago if I told you that we would split the games in Washington to erase home ice advantage for a team that almost never lost there during the regular season. You may have called me crazy. No one in the hockey universe gave our team any shot whatsoever. Most pundits said Montreal will be lucky to win a game. We should by all rights be very enthusiastic about the fact that we took a game and played well for most of another. We’re not though. When you get within 90 seconds of stealing 2 games in an opponents rink in the playoffs you need to seal the deal.

    And so, on edge, the series turns back to Montreal. Everyone is wondering what lies in the cards for the Canadiens now that the big boys have started to play. OV has awoken. Knuble has made it his personal mission to knock Jaro around time after time. That said, the Caps are vulnerable. The Canadiens have exposed both of their goaltenders early on in the series. For a team that shouldn’t have ANY shot – having one is making all of the difference. The Habs may get a boost tonight by the return of Glen Metropolit to the lineup. I cant help but wonder if it might be premature to bring him back as far as how long his injury normally takes to heal, but there is no denying the impact he can have on a game.

    This one just might be the biggest of the year. It will be followed by an even bigger one Wednesday. Puck drops just after 7. Make sure your inhaler is with you. And hope that the refs are watching the creases tonight.

    Go Habs Go!!!