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  • Game 2: Habs/Caps

    Do we dare dream? Do we dare speak the unspeakable? Are we bold enough to hope that unlike the rest of the NHL’s upset underdogs, the Habs can continue their Cinderella (Plekanec wont like that term) – lets go with “Rudy” run? It seems inconceivable that the Habs would be able to come back to the Bell Centre with a two game advantage, but that is exactly what is on the table before them. Do that and all bets are off for this series. Win tonight and many pundits will be changing their tune. Lose tonight and risk allowing the sleeping giant to roll over in the night. It will take everything we showed Thursday and more. My prediction is that Alex the Great has more shots than anyone on the ice tonight. Jaro will have to be just as magical.

    Big game is an understatement. This is the playoffs where every game is do or die. Here’s hoping the Habs still have some left in the tank after an emotional win Thursday.

    Go Habs Go!!!

  • Round 1 Game 1: Habs/Caps

    And so it begins. The Playoffs is the best time of the year. Every game has meaning that simply doesn’t exist save for a select few regular season games. If a team takes a night off, they are likely to be gone. The playoffs is the time when good players become great ones, where every player has the opportunity to re-create the storyline that has followed them the entire season. While all of the prognosticators rely on regular season data to predict what will happen, it can all be thrown out the window with one or two good early performances.

    Do you think it is fitting that on Tuesday almost everyone picked higher seeds to win their respective series’ (with the exception of Detroit/Phoenix of course), and by Thursday morning the exact opposite was true? Ottawa, Philadelphia, and Colorado all scored 1st game upsets, while Phoenix took on the playoff giants the Red Wings and won. Nobody has given Montreal a chance in their series, but there is a reason that you play the games. The Capitals are the better team, there is no doubt. But often in the NHL, the ‘better team’ finds themselves on the losing end. It all comes down to pucks finding the back of the net. Montreal has the opportunity to serve notice that they will not just allow Washington easy passage to the next round.  It all begins tonight, so get your refreshments in the fridge, and find a comfy chair with sturdy sides, because one way or another, you’ll need them tonight.