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  • EC Quarter Final Game 6: Habs/Bruins

    I won’t try to predict how tonight’s game will unfold. This series has been utterly unpredictable. No one expected the Habs to build a 2-0 lead in the series. Likewise, no one could have predicted the fantastic job that the Bruins have done since. The last two games have ended in overtime, and save for a bounce or two in the other direction we might be talking about the Bruins being on the brink of elimination.

    The Bruins, however are not in danger. They hold all of the power going into tonight’s game at the Bell Centre. It will be up to the Canadiens to ensure that they will make the trip to Boston for Game 7. I expect that the tight play that we’ve seen between both of these will continue tonight – although we should all know by now to check our expectations at the door.

    There is some bad news for the Canadiens on the injury front:

    David Desharnais, who was arguably the Habs’ best forward in Game 5 will not dress tonight as he has sustained a sprained knee. There is also talk that James Wisniewski will be a scratch due to a back injury he sustained in the 2nd period on Saturday night. We will most likely see Yannick Weber in for Desharnais and Paul Mara in for Wiz – the incredibly difficult task for him of jumping into the playoffs in Game 6.

    Whether or not the Habs make it to Game 7 will depend on their ability not only to score goals, but to continue to pressure the Bruins should they get the lead. They cannot afford to have a repeat of Game 4.

    I’d be lying if I said I was confident. But hell, I wasn’t confident last year either. This team came back from a 3-1 deficit against the Capitals – it can be done.

    Go Habs Go!!!!

  • EC Quarter Final Game 5: Habs/Bruins

    As a fan of the Canadiens you have to hope that the team was peeved at the OT loss on Thursday night, in which they held several leads and couldn’t hold home ice advantage. If you had been offered a 2-2 split going into game 5 before the series started, most of us would have jumped at the chance. Still, that is small consolation considering how down and out the Bruins could have been had Montreal taken game 5.

    Too bad so sad as they say.

    Go Habs Go!!!