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  • Congrats are due.

    Congratulations to the Boston Bruins and their (*sshole) fans.

    Just kidding. Seriously, the Bruins deserve a lot of credit for lasting through the war of attrition that is the NHL Playoffs. While it irks me to no end to ponder the Bruins’ name being etched into our trophy for the first time in my lifetime, I have to acknowledge that the best team absolutely won last night. Certainly I would have preferred a different result, but in the end – the Bruins were FAR more effective at executing their game-plan throughout the Finals. Brad Marchand became found money for the team (even though he’s still a rat), and his line-mates, the age-less Dr. Recchi and Patrice “I-don’t-actually-dislike-him” Bergeron were far and away the best for either team.

    Huge props are also due for Tim Thomas who was able to be clutch when it counted (in stark contrast to the guy at the other end). Thomas had some shaky moments in the playoffs, but in true form of a Champion was able to persevere. His play in the Finals was brilliant and went a very long way towards draining the will of the Canucks to score.

    Speaking of the Canucks – pee yew.

    Luckily we can all stop pretending not to hate them. It hurt my soul to be cheering for that team. Now that the Bruins have done “what-shall-not-be-named-on-this-page” I feel strangely relieved of a burden. I can stop lying to those around me about hoping the Canucks win. The truth is that the Canucks stink. They always have. For a long time they did so quietly. Now its on display for all to witness.

    After the fires are put out the hockey world will take a short rest before the Draft and the July 1st start of Free-Agency. There really is very little time before next year’s lineups begin to take shape. Check back often!