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  • Welcome to Montreal Eric Cole

    Pierre Gauthier made a splash on the UFA market yesterday as he signed Eric Cole to a 4 year deal. For Habs fans who have been lobbying for the addition of a power forward to compliment the Plekanec, Cammilleri duo, the news should be received very warmly. Cole has been a target for some fans at various times over the last few years, and should be a very good, physical presence on the top line. Cole, who grew up a Habs fan in New York state, was pleased to be joining the Candiens, and told Montreal media that he thought he could provide some much needed grit on the top line.

    I like the signing and although it is clear that Montreal was forced into probably paying an extra Million dollars and an extra year than they may have during normal negotiations – these were anything but normal July 1st circumstances. Given the overpayment that went on throughout the league I think the Canadiens did very well to address a key need.