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    In the late days of August its rather easy to get caught up in the game of speculation about the 2011-12 NHL season. With almost no real news surrounding the Habs over the past few weeks, the fanbase has had to get by on news reports ranging from Michael Cammalleri’s summer diet to Mathieu Darche’s impression of Alexi Yemelin’s hallway soccer skills. While it is intriguing to find out that Lars Eller has beefed up to 200 pounds while rehabbing his shoulder – there is very little that we can focus on to pass the time until the pre-season.

    And so we speculate. If only Gomez could snap out of it. If Cole can be the guy from Carolina and not Edmonton. If Carey can continue to dominate. If only PK could learn to do things “the white.. uh I mean right way..”.

    The problem with speculation, and the prognosticators who use past stats and an un-ending supply of BS to formulate predictions is that once the games are played, their hot air is meaningless. The reality is this:

    Last year was last year. Just because Carey Price played well last season does not necessitate he will again this season. Just because Scott Gomez struggled for almost the entire season last year does not mean that he cannot find more success this season. There is a reason they play the games.

    So while the HockeyNews suggests that we may be fighting for a playoff spot next spring, I will kindly remind everyone that absolutely no one has any clue of the type of season that sits ahead of players like: Max Pacioretty, Lars Eller, Josh Gorges, Andrei Markov and so on.

    My prediction: I will gladly look back at the end of the season and laugh at the so called experts who think they have any idea whatsoever of who would be good or bad in 2011-12.