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  • Pre-Season Game 3: Habs/Sens

    The Habs are in Ottawa tonight to take on the Senators in the third game of their pre-season schedule. RDS isn’t showing the game, but I’ve heard that Game Centre will have an Ottawa broadcast so their should be online feeds.

    The lineup will contain these players:

    31 PRICE, Carey G
    35 LAWSON, Nathan G

    11 GOMEZ, Scott C
    24 HENRY, Alex D
    36 AVTSIN, Alexander RW
    37 DUMONT, Gabriel C
    42 TINORDI, Jarred D
    45 BLUNDEN, Michael RW
    46 KOSTITSYN, Andrei RW
    48 DESIMONE, Philip C
    52 DARCHE, Mathieu LW
    59 TROTTER, Brock C
    61 DIAZ, Raphael D
    63 ENGQVIST, Andreas C
    68 WEBER, Yannick D
    72 COLE, Erik RW
    73 GALLAGHER, Brendan RW
    74 YEMELIN, Alexei D
    75 GILL, Hal D
    76 SUBBAN, P.K. D – although I’ve heard PK has a sore back, so he may not play tonight.

  • Pre-season Game 2: Habs/Sabres

    Carey Price wasn’t made available to the media last night which is too bad, because I bet the post-game interviews would have been hilarious.

    A cause for celebration maybe? Things in Montreal have settled enough since the team celebrated its turbulent 100th season that we will at least cut our star goalie some slack – if only for his first pre-season loss.

    I won’t lie – I didn’t watch the game.

    A close friend from Montreal was in Toronto last night and I took the opportunity to head down to my neighborhood watering hole and partake in some delectable craft brew revelry.  Even my love for the Habs doesn’t overshadow the fact that the game was unimportant in every way save for those who are fighting for a job, and those who used it as an opportunity to shake off the rust.

    Tonight a different crew of players will take on some of the Buffalo Sabres. Habs fans will probably be excited to see 1st round draft choice Nathan Beaulieu in an NHL Jersey. It will also be interesting to see Max Pacioretty skate in his first game since his devastating neck injury last season. It’ll also be the first opportunity for Habs fans to boo their new back up goaltender – Peter Budaj… I seriously hope that isn’t the case.

    RDS and the Team 990 have the broadcast for tonight’s action!