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  • Game 18: Habs/Canes

    Tonight is a pretty significant game – or at least as significant as the first quarter of the season can be. Carolina visits tonight offering a chance for both teams to make a move on a team near them in the standings. Montreal sits in 12th place in the East followed closely by the 13th place Hurricanes.

    The word out of Montreal is that Hal Gill remains out of the lineup with the flue, Jaroslav Spacek is out with an upper body injury, and that Michael Cammalleri will return to action.

    The result is that Montreal has called up 5’11, 190 pound Frederick St Denis for his first game as an NHLer. The Bulldogs blueliner has 8 points in 14 games and is -3.

    Frankly, I’m perplexed.

    In order to bolster a defense corps that is young, small and inexperienced. Gauthier has called up a young, small and inexperienced defender.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t yet seen a Bulldogs game this season. I also have no real reason why St Denis should not get an opportunity – other than the fact that the Habs called up an offensive defenseman who won’t get a sniff of powerplay time tonight.  That said, there are a few options down there that you would think would make a smarter choice given our team needs.

    My laundry list of preferred call ups include:

    Joe Callahan – 6’3 220,  6 points -3.

    Joe Stejkal – 6’3 206, 0 points -3.

    Alex Henry – 6’5 220, 0 points -2.

    I’m not going to dwell on the callup situation. Its just another in a line of questionable roster moves that make me wonder what exactly the plan is.

    Go Habs Go!!!

  • Game 17: Habs/Sabres

    I was waiting on Brendan Shanahan’s decision regarding Milan Lucic’s hit on Ryan Miller before positng the game blog today – because the outcome of that teleconference may have a huge impact on what type of Sabres team the Canadiens see tonight.

    Montreal could be in for a seriously difficult game against a very motivated club who feels as though they’ve been unfairly criticized for “turtling” after Lucic went and proved that he’s still one of the cheapest and most disrespectful players in the league.

    On top of everything else – Hal Gill will not play as he’s out with the flu.

    I guess I may have jinxed him with all that talk about Alexei Emelin yesterday.

    Its time to show the NHL that the Canadiens can win at home.

    Go Habs Go!!!