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  • Game 15: Habs/Coyotes

    Whenever my brothers and I would get in trouble as children, my father would refer to us as “Your Children” to my mom.

    So anyway. Your Montreal Canadiens are a frustrating bunch.

    I’m still searching within myself for an answer  as to how exactly a team can out-shoot their opponent 29-14 and lose a game 3-1. I mean – really. How do you play a better defensive game than that? This isn’t the first time this has happened this season.

    Earlier in the year, I said in reference to a game that the Habs lost 3-1 to the Buffalo Sabres, that if you play that way – you’re going to win a lot more games than you lose. At this point, I’m starting to re-think what I said – because the Habs are finding ways to lose games which they have absolutely no business losing.

    You hold a team to 14 shots over 3 periods, get 29 for yourself and have the opportunity to play 6 times on the powerplay. You skate circles around the other team. That should be enough to win. And yet with the 11-12 Habs it seems like even the most lopsided games in our favour in terms of puck possession end up being loses.

    Enough with the whining.

    When you’re losing it is tough to look at the positives. Here’s one:  If things go badly tonight – you’ll be justified in turning off the television and heading to bed – given that the game starts at 9:10 Eastern time.

  • Game 14: Habs/Oilers

    The Habs look to rebound against the upstart Edmonton Oilers tonight. While many have had a hard time letting go of some shoddy officiating on Saturday night, lets hope the Habs have had enough time to move on. That said – it is worth noting that Carey Fraser answered a lot of Canadiens fan’s questions about that call over at TSN and his verdict was that the teams should have played 4 on 4 for two minutes if all rules were followed as should have been. The difference here that Blunden should not have been assessed an interference call – as Dubinsky was in possession of the puck at the time of the check. Fraser correctly showed that the interference penalty was redundant because the too many men on the ice penalty (Rule 74.1) is called when an offending player makes contact with either the puck or another player – as was the case on this play. He also stipulates that under the instigator rule – the referees should have penalized Ryan Callahan given the distance he travelled to start a fight with Blunden. Going from 4 on 4 to 5 on 3 was hard at the time – and set the stage for a very difficult first period.

    As for the Oilers – who in the world saw them jumping to an 8-3-2 record to start the season? Who saw their 38 year old, recently imprisoned goaltender leading them to a league least 1.54 goals/game average? Who out there thought that they would be able to kill almost 90% of the penalties that they were assessed? Its crazy!

    The Oilers are a dangerous team right now. They bring a lot of unknown factors to the game given their relative youth and inexperience. Montreal will need to be FAR more disciplined tonight than they were on Saturday to take 2 points from this contest.

    Go Habs Go!!!