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  • Game 72: Habs/Sens

    Now would be a good time for your Habs to go on a little season ending 10 game losing streak. By now it is abundantly clear to everyone that the best thing for the Montreal Canadiens to do – is to stop collecting points! As much as I love seeing certain players succeed (Markov, Subban, Two and  Half Men etc.), we’re starting to get to that tipping point where a late-season push could send the Habs climbing up the standings past the Islanders, Hurricanes, Wild – and god forbid – the Maple Leafs.

    While this season has been torture to watch, the one redeeming factor was that at least there would be top-end talent coming into the Habs’ system should they continue to lose. Now we’re on the verge of doing serious damage to the quality of player we can select with our first pick in the 2012 draft.

    The good news is that Ottawa can climb into first place in the North East Division (and thus 2nd in the Conference) with a win at home tonight.   Either way – it appears as though the Sens and Bruins are on a first round collision course. It would benefit either team to go all out in an attempt to gain valuable home ice advantage.

    So Go Sens Go!! And for the love of Pete Montreal – don’t force this game into overtime!!!

  • Game 71: Habs/Sens

    A late game blog as real life problems mess with hockey watching.  I’m not sure much can be said about a playoff team facing a non playoff team that hasn’t been said many times before. I’ll be watching the little things tonight – like how PK plays with Markov on the powerplay, and how Markov plays at even strength. I’d like to say that this is a little bit of a rivalry game – but the history of Habs vs Sens still has some ways to go before we put the matchup in the category of Habs-Bruins or Habs-leafs.

    Go Habs Go!!!