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  • Game 68: Habs/Oilers

    If you can stay up that late, you’ll be able to watch two young teams play a hockey game in the regular season that will mean as much to the standings as a pre-season game. Of course, that is unless you’re cheering for your team to lose at this point (I am).. in which case this is a very meaningful game.

    If Montreal loses tonight it will be a genuine 4 pointer for the team’s quest to lock up the 2nd overall draft position (before the lottery). If you’re going to lose – you might as well go down big.

    At this point I’m cheering on good plays by my team, and bad luck in front of the net.. Its not a comfortable place to be for a guy who hates to lose, but really, if you’re cheering the team on in hopes that things will get better, that draft pick is the #1 priority.

    Go Habs Go!!!????

    Go Oilers Go!!

  • Game 67: Habs/Calgary

    The Habs are in Alberta to begin a road swing that will see them play Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. It will be interesting to see how the team does against a wide-range of talent. The Oilers are worse than the Habs this season. The Flames are holding on to their diminishing hopes for a playoff spot as they sit 3 points behind San Jose (although San Jose has 3 games in hiand). Vancouver, meanwhile, is the best team in the Western Conference and an undeniable favorite to repeat as the representative for their conference in the Stanley Cup Finals.

    Frankly, I’m not expecting much from the Canadiens. They’ve been historically terrible on Western road trips. And while there is a lot of pride left in the players, there isn’t a whole lot to play for with 15 games left to play. In Montreal’s last 10 games the club is 2-7-1, showing they are capable of blowing leads of every type and variety.

    The one bright spot of news the Habs did get is that Andrei Markov participated in his first full-contact practice since his surgeries. It has been an excruciating wait to see #79 back on the ice with the Habs this season. If he can get in 10-12 games before the end of the season it will be huge for the Russian defender heading into the summer and starting next season, knowing that his knee will stand up. I’m sure I speak for almost all Habs fans when I say that it will take a few hits to ease my mind as to whether or not it will hold up.

    If we really want something to talk about: how about the Leafs locking up Mikhail Grabovski for 5 YEARS! I know I’m biased but that seems like a lot of years for Grabo. We’ll see about the cap hit when they release that info.. could be a good deal if it for low dollars over the term.

    Go Habs Go!!!