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  • Game 66: Habs/Leafs

    So the Leafs who are in a free fall that makes even Habs fans feel sorry for them have fired their coach. For more on the subject, and for your comedic pleasure – the always hilarious Down Goes Brown. It will be interesting to see if Randy Carlyle can get this team to play better than Wilson did. One thing is for certain, they’ll need a goaltender who can make a save.

    Speaking of teams who need a goaltender to make a save – its hard to fault Carey Price for Thursday’s epic collapse in front of the Minnesota Wild, but there was something incredibly “Toronto Maple Leafs” about that whole situation. When the team needed a save Price was nowhere to be found and while I’m usually among the first to praise our talented young keeper, I can’t help but notice Price has made a habit this season of disappearing a key times in a game. Whether its a loss of focus or the terrible defense in front of him (I’m sure its a bit of both), Montreal will need him to find a way to battle through at the end of periods and games because its been the story all year long – that the Habs simply cannot hold a lead. 22 times they’ve failed to hold a lead that they’ve gained – good for a full third of the games that they’ve played!

    One way to keep the puck out of the net would be for more guys to play like PK Subban has since the all-star break. Yes he was on the ice for 2 of the goals against on Thursday, but the 22 year old kid played over 30 minutes in the win. Adding some depth around him – namely Andrei Markov and a big, effective stay at home guy will be huge priorities next season. His play has been excellent, despite what many in the media have tried to say about him.

    Speaking of great plays – Backhand Shelf posted the 10 best plays of the Habs season which in my opinion ignored most of the Canadiens season in favor of some hits from Emelin and saves by Price. The season has been a struggle, but with 169 games there have been better goals scored than Eller’s penalty shot.

    Sticking with Backhand Shelf and penalty shots, they caution that while Devin Setoguchi’s fail of a penalty shot was bad, there are some pretty epic failures out there – with some good players making the cut.

    Go Habs Go!!!

  • Game 65: Habs/Wild

    A busy work day means a mailed-in Game Blog. There are so many interesting things to consider about this season that I’m sure we’ll continue to look at as this season winds down.

    The ever-excellent Eric Engels gets way ahead of himself asking who the Habs might target in Free Agency. In my opinion its going to be hard to convince any Free Agents of note to join a lottery-pick team. That said, he does have a couple interesting options listed such as Cory Sarich and Brad Stuart. These are guys who aren’t the types who would be on the top of your list, but who ultimately could have the biggest impact in terms of allowing your other players who be more effective.

    I’m loathe to link to hockeybuzz.. let alone do it twice.. but Steven Hindle has done a very good job of looking at the Canadiens draft picture. Its a topic that will become issue #1 as the season winds down. Read his piece – you won’t regret it.

    Dave Stubbs gives us the low down on Blake “Baby Boom” Geoffrion’s debut in Montreal tonight. How loud do you think that crowd will be if he is able to pot one? Kind of gives you chills even thinking about it.

    Justin Bourne writes for an incredible blog over at the Score called Backhand Shelf. I love his insight into the game as a guy who played extensively in the lower levels of hockey and knows intimately of the struggles that a hockey player goes through trying to get to the NHL. As someone who’s career peaked with 16 games in the AHL I can tell you this guy knows all about the grind of hockey and gives you details you never thought about from a player’s perspective. His piece about the Toronto Maple Leafs and their current losing streak is entirely applicable to the Habs. Read it. Get Smarter. You’re Welcome.

    Alright, back to work. Go Habs Go!!!