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  • Today in hilarious ideas..

    OK – it might be jumping the gun a little to mock the Philadelphia Flyers on the basis of a tweet from TVA’s Enrico Ciccone a tweet by James Duthie – but it seems as though the Flyers are interested in Roberto Luongo. I know this really isn’t Habs related, but when something this awe-inspiring-ly dumb comes around, you have to jump at the chance. So here is my question:


    Why are the Flyers interested in a 33 year old goaltender making $5.6M per season until 2022? Why is ANYONE interested in a goaltender showing signs of decline in his thirties who will be paid as an elite goaltender until he is 43 years old? FOURTY-THREE!

    Even if he could help you compared to the basket-case, 32 year old goalie making $5.6M per season you signed last year until 2020! In what way does this make sense? How would you get rid of Bryzgalov? Who is the night in shining armor waiting in the wings to take that mess off your hands?

    And beyond that – why are the Leafs reportedly looking to solve Vancouver’s biggest problem? This is the one thing that could severely cripple that franchise going forward and you’re going to trade something of value in return for the privilege of paying this guy $5.3M per year until he’s ready to move into a retirement community?

    Its time for NHL GM’s who didn’t sign players to ludicrous, short-sighted, reckless contracts to make the others pay. Its time to pick up the phone and laugh into the receiver at the Paul Holmgren’s of the world. Because they are being hilarious. You laugh when people are being funny – even if they are oblivious as to why.


  • Getting close to a season now.

    Reports are coming in fast and furious from the various hockey-credible media outlets that there will be a season this year – and that the NHL will allow teams 2 amnesty buy outs in order to become cap compliant for the next season. Details at this point ate murky – although you can read about it all over at Backhand Shelf.

    So what does this mean for the Montreal Canadiens?

    There hasn’t even been a few hours to properly gather all of the information – but to me – this looks like the dream scenario to get rid of the contracts of both Scott Gomez and Tomas Kaberle. How does getting rid of $11.6M of capspace in one move sound?

    I can’t guarantee this happens. But if I’m the general manager of the Montreal Canadiens – this would be an absolute gift. And though a lower cap would certainly not favour the Habs, the opportunity to get out from underneath these two crippling contracts would be huge.

    Drop the PUCK! ~Mats