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  • Game 28: Habs/Devils

    The Canadiens are in New Jersey tonight to face the Devils. It is always an exciting game to see the Gionta brothers play against each other, but tonight will be extra special as Habs fans get their first look at Jarred Tinordi. Tonight he’ll be playing beside Francis Bouillon, but as has been the case with all of the other young players in the Canadiens line-up, we should expect that he’ll integrate him into the game very slowly as to set him up for success. Tinordi has an excellent shot at showing something to the management. He’s exactly the type of defender this lineup needs, and will certainly get a little more consideration than Greg Pateryn got – even if Pateryn did an admiral job of filling in for the injured Raphael Diaz.

    One thing is for certain: we are unlikely to see Tomas Kaberle, as it has become very apparent over the past few weeks that Kaberle is set to be bought out at the end of the season. Montreal seems content on keeping him in the press-box, rather than risk an injury that could stop them from using the cap-relief buyout that they have to use prior to next season. Too bad for Kaberle, as it seems he’s become a victim of the same scenario that Scott Gomez faced to start the year (not that I am at all a fan of his game).

    Go Habs Go!!!


  • Habs extend Desharnais

    Marc Bergevin continues to change the culture of the Montreal Canadiens. In a somewhat surprising move (although not really when you think about it), he has extended David Desharnais for 4 seasons following this one at a rate of $3.5M per season. I say that he is changing the culture – because the mid-season signing of Desharnais is a departure from the long-time policy of not negotiating with players during the season for the club. I for one love the idea of snapping up a guy who very clearly is a big part of this club going forward. For all the talk of his lack of size or speed, Desharnais continues to produce along-side Max Pacioretty, even through the loss of their wing-man Eric Cole.

    The contract is worth $14M with the actual dollars spread evenly through the whole contract. On first glance I love this extension for the Canadiens. They wrapped up a big piece of their future for a reasonable sum and a reasonable term. At a time when Ryan Getzlaf is getting $8.25M for 8 years, you have to love Montreal’s approach here. Not that I’m comparing Desharnais with Getzlaf in the slightest – but Montreal’s cap situation is as desirable as any of the league’s best teams.

    There isn’t one player on the team who you would consider a part of the core-group who isn’t signed for at least the next season at a reasonable rate. Only Tomas Kaberle’s $4.5M contract for next season stands out as a potential red flag. That said, you can bet that Kaberle will be the Habs’ final cap compliance buy-out this off season. Rumours are already swirling that Kaberle will be sent home rather than risk injury (as was previously attempted with Scott Gomez).

    If you want to have a look for yourself at the great position Montreal is in, head over to Capgeek where you can use a myriad of useful tools.