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Mats Naslund About Mats NaslundA huge fan of the Canadiens since I was brought into the world. I'm named after my earliest childhood hero, the mighty Mats Naslund.

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  • Game 67: Habs/Ducks

    Those of you who stayed up to watch the game last night were rewarded with a well deserved 60 minute effort that resulted for two points for the good guys. In the murky mess that is the Eastern conference, the Habs have tenuously reclaimed 8th place. I don’t know if they’ll hold it, but this much is true: winning will allow them to control their destiny. A losing streak of any size will all but eliminate them from contention. The boys will look to replicate their result from last night against Captain Koivu and the Ducks tonight. I’m sure it will be an emotional game for Koivu and the few teammates remaining on the Canadiens from last season. I know I still have a soft spot for him even though I do believe it was time for the club to move on.

    Puck drops at 8. Go Habs Go!!!!

  • Game 66: Habs/Kings

    Late breaking game blog. Habs… Kings… discuss…