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Mats Naslund About Mats NaslundA huge fan of the Canadiens since I was brought into the world. I'm named after my earliest childhood hero, the mighty Mats Naslund.

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  • Game 18: Habs/Flames

    I’ve always hated the Flames. Probably because they made me cry when I was 8. I still hate them, and Lanny McDonald’s dumb ass moustache. Halak is in net tonight, I wonder if his agent has any stats for his previous record against Cowtown?

    Go Habs Go!!!

  • Game 17: Habs/Lightning

    How badly does Montreal need a regulation win? The Lightning are in town and there may not be a team MORE likely to get up for the big lights of Saturday night in Montreal than Tampa. Vinny and Marty always find a way to elevate their games when they come home. The bolts trail the Canadiens by one point in the standings although they have played one two less games. Watch out for Stamkos who has been fantastic to start the year. This much is for sure – Montreal better not play the way they did against Boston. They absolutely need to get some pucks on the net (preferably passed the netminder) in order to give Price the chance to pick up a win without having to give a all-star performance.

    Go Habs Go!