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  • Kovalev goes under the Knife

    The Montreal Canadiens star sniper will undergo arthroscopic knee surgery tommorow in Pittsburgh. Kovalev is 2nd in Habs scoring with 7 goals and 12 assits.

    Don’t push the panic button just yet. Let’s look at the positives first. At this point Kovalev is expected to miss a month. This is not a Bobby Orr or Cam Neely situation here.

    “Arthroscopy has revolutionized the treatment of joint injuries.
    In the past, treatment of orthopedic injuries involved extensive surgery, including large incisions, a hospital stay, and a prolonged recovery period. But today, with the help of an arthroscope, today’s orthopedic surgeon can easily examine, diagnose, and treat problems in the joint that previously may have been difficult to identify.”

    The surgeon inserts the arthroscope into the joint through a tiny incision (about 1/4 of an inch) called a portal. Two or three incisions may be made for portals. Other portals are used for the insertion of surgical instruments, such as the probe shown above. Typical incision sites and sizes for knee arthroscopy are shown at left. These incisions result in very small scars which in many cases are unnoticeable.” (source: SCOI)

    I would rather this happen now in November than in April – and I’m sure Bob Gainey agrees. A setback yes, but a temporary setback that could be a blessing in disguise. As long as Kovalev makes a full recovery – this could make us even better.

    Kovalev spot on the top line will no doubt allow some of our new young talent considerably more playing time. Perezhogin, Higgins and Plekanec will be seeing a lot more ice. Perogie having already made an impression when playing on a top trio. This will further develop our younger guys and all signs point to them being ready for the challenge.

    In past years, any of our offense going out for a month meant seriously bad news for the Habs. We have a much deeper team now and should be more able to handle setbacks such as this.
    Of course I’ll be keeping my Kovalev game counter on too see how we fare without him in the lineup.

    It’s time for our depth guys to step up.

  • Future Hab visits Montreal?

    The Canadiens are looking to rebound after dropping 2 points in 2 consecutive overtime losses to the Pens and Leafs. Of course anything less than 2 shut outs by Jose Theodore gives fuel to the ever present Roberto Lungo trade rumor.

    Luongo’s unhappiness in Florida is no secret. Maybe the league’s best goalie after Martin Brodeur, he will no doubt challenge for the top spot on Canada’s Olympic team. Playing on a very sub par Panthers team has taken its toll on Luongo the same way playing for the Thrashers did for Dany Heatly. Luongo filed for salary arbitration this summer and did not come out on top. It’s only a matter of time before he’s gone.

    Where to? Luongo is a Montreal native, another in the pool of excellent Quebec goaltenders. Montreal being his home town and a new competitive force in the NHL might be where he wants to be. Obviously it won’t be that easy. The Panthers would want substantial returns for a top tier goalie. Michael Ryder’s name comes up, but I find it hard to believe they’ll let him go and will come up with another offer.

    Luongo will be showcasing his best stuff tommorow night for Montrealers and Theo Haters to see.

    Could it really happen? Montreal turns its back on its favorite son Jose? Bob Gainey has surprised us before.
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