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  • Jose Theodore Taking His Time

    So while Canadiens fans wait to see if we’re going to have a goalie for the start of the sesaon, Jose Theodore himself isn’t too worried.

    Jose was spotted this past weekend partying at Montreal’s Time Supper Club with an entourage including the lead singer of the lame rock group “Simple Plan”.

    Jose is a bit of a guitar player and has performed on stage with the Montreal band on different occasions.

    As a Habs fan, it’s quite embarassing that our top goalie is associated with what is one of the most horrendously lame and fake ‘bands’ out there.

    Sources say Jose is close to signing a multi-year deal, before the end of the week – Perhaps the hockey and loan-sharking life has become too hard on him and he’ll decide to quit to take up a career in producing musical vomit for 10-12 year old girls.

  • Why isn’t Michael Ryder signed?

    Why isn’t Michael Ryder Signed?

    That is a good question that many Habs fans are still wondering as we inch closer to the season.

    What is Bob Gainey thinking? Surely he knows that Ryder is probably one of the brighest upcoming stars in the league. Robbed of the Calder trophy, he put up 25 goals and over 60 points in his rookie season.

    Watching games last year Michael Ryder was one of the few Canadiens you could count to show up and deliver every game. A gritty forward with a nose for the net. So why isn’t he inked? It can’t be Bob Gainey doesn’t want this kid can it? Doubtful.

    Since he hasn’t been signed, specualtion is circulating that Ryder himself wants out. This I find hard to believe and don’t see any basis for. Perhaps he’s holding out for more money, that maybe he doesn’t really warrant yet at this time in his career. Of course, who can really know but Ryder himself?

    Other rumors that there is a trade in the works, possibly with Brad Richards out of Tampa Bay. If Ryder is going to be traded, don’t expect it to be for Brad Richards. If it were to happen , Ryder would be part of a group transaction seeing a couple other big names alongside his.

    Let’s put a rest to this and get Ryder inked on the dotted line. We need his 25+ goals in the ever competitive Northeast this season.

    Michael Ryder